Welcome to Year 3 of Confirmation!


We're so glad that you are here!

Your Director of Family Ministries, Josh Heirigs, will be your teacher this year as we dive deeply into the Bible.  You will go over what the Bible is, how to read and understand the Bible, as well as Biblical overview, but we will also delve into the depths of the life application of this ages old book and how it is truly revolutionary for you today.


What do I need?  You should come prepared each week to class…

  • With your Study Bible.
  • An awesome attitude.

What is our schedule?

Confirmation is held 6:30-7:30 pm each Wednesday night.  See the attached schedule with dates and topics.  Homework may be assigned, so if you miss a class: please contact Josh right away so we can discuss what you missed and what you may need to do to catch up.  Some may be an ongoing assignment.  Please try to keep your confirmand accountable to this as you would their homework.  Be assured that grades aren’t important but the experience of doing so.


PLEASE… join us afterwards for a time of worship and fellowship in the youth room from 7:30-8:30 pm if you can!  We’d love to have you!!  Note: part of the confirmation experience will be the Bible Bowl as well so be prepared for a quick weekend away to Pierre right before Palm Sunday.  


What are your expectations for confirmation?   

Here are ours:

  • We ask that you arrive on time each week with your homework completed.
  • We also ask that you treat others respectfully.
  • Take learning about the Bible seriously.
    • We will be delving into some very deep Biblical concepts.

Parents—Please remember that you are responsible for the building up of faith in your child! So in that light we ask you to make the following promises:

  1. I will speak to my child enthusiastically about the privilege to confirmation class and the place it has in Christian Education.
  2. I will have my child there promptly and regularly and be informative of emergency situations that make absence necessary.
  3. I will be faithful with my child in be in regular worship attendance and set an example of faith for my child.
  4. I will pray for my child, their class members, their teachers, and their mentor during this year of confirmation.
  5. I will make myself available if needed for further involvement in youth ministries and uphold the final project of the mission trip as a major component of confirmation.


What if I have questions?  Feel free to contact Josh at any time, 338-5226 (church), 321-5288 (cell) or jheirigs@zlcsf.org or Facebook him! (Joshua Heirigs)



Fall Semester: 9 Sessions:

Week 1:  Intro to Course/ Mission Trip Planning

Week 2:  Intro to Romans, Chapters 2/9

Week 3:  Romans 3/6

Week 4:  Romans 8/12

Week 5:  F.A.Q’s Day/ Mission Trip Planning.

Week 6:  Heaven/Hell Discussion

Week 7:  Revelation Unpacked

Week 8:  Old Testament Tossup: Holy War

Week 9:  F.A.Q’s Day/ Final Mission Trip Planning Day. If any additional plans need to be made a representative from the class will confer with Josh on finalizing plans.


Spring Semester: 13 Sessions:

Week 1:  Study Bible 101/Intro to Hermeneutical Principles (John 2:12ff as example)

Week 2:  Creation and Science Discussion/Assigning of Exegetical Passages

Week 3:  Christology Confusion

Week 4:  Paul’s Journeys

Week 5:  F.A.Q’s Day/ Exegetical Work Day

Week 6:  Sexuality in the Bible oh and today too…

Week 7:  Intro to Apologetics (1 Peter 3:15)

Week 8:  Apologetics continued

Week 9:  Exegetical Work Day

Week 10:  Exegetical Due!/Practical Devotion Tips/Experience.

Week 11:  Comparative Religiosity: Today’s church and the Bible?

Week 12:  Bible History: How it connects across time.

Week 13:  F.A.Q’s Day/Catch-up day.


Sunday Worship

Traditional: 8:00am

Contemporary: 10:30am

Sunday School: 9:15am

Youth Bible Study: 9:15am

Adult Bible Study: 9:30am 

Radio Broadcast

Sundays at 10:05am -         AM 1000

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