Zion Lutheran Church SFSD

Confirmation Year 2


Texts: Bible, Luther’s Small Catechism, writing stick


Unit 1 – Lord’s Prayer…The Good Father

Student and Parent Meeting

Overview, Goals and Review

Lesson 1 - Introduction …The Good Father

Lesson 2 - First Petition…The Holy Name

Lesson 3 – Second Petition…Of Power, Grace, and Glory

Lesson 4 – Third Petition…His Good and Gracious Will

Lesson 5 – Fourth Petition…Daily Bread

Lesson 6 – Fifth Petition…Forgiven to Forgive

Lesson 7 – Sixth Petition…Temptation

Lesson 8 – Seventh Petition…Safe in God’s Grace

Lesson 9 - Conclusion…It Shall Be So


**Break for Advent and school/family activities and vacations**


Unit 2 – Sacraments…Sacred Gifts

Lesson 10 – The Sacraments…Sacred Gifts

Lesson 11 – Baptism…God’s Promise in Baptism & God’s Blessings in Baptism

Lesson 12 – Confession…Confess and Receive & Comfort for Troubled Hearts

Lesson 13 – Office of the Keys… Forgiveness Up Close and Personal

Lesson 14 – Priesthood of All Believers & Office of Public Ministry

Lesson 15 – The Lord’s Supper…A Sacred Meal

Lesson 16 – The Lord’s Supper…The Blessings and Power of the Supper

Lesson 17 – Table of Duties…Government & Citizens & Family relations

Lesson 18 – The Art of Living by Faith




This year will be led by Pastor David Edge

     Office: (605) 338-5226

     Email: dedge@zlcsf.org


Sunday Worship

Traditional: 8:00am

Contemporary: 10:30am

Sunday School: 9:15am

Youth Bible Study: 9:15am

Adult Bible Study: 9:30am 

Radio Broadcast

Sundays at 10:05am -         AM 1000

Gaat Kids

Lil Troopers

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